Tuesday 5 November 2019

Dinant, Belgium

Adolphe Sax's birth town. Some photos from a trip to hear some of the International Saxophone Competition

Saturday 14 September 2019

All Saints, Ashdon, Essex Open Day 2019

As Walden Winds were not able to play at Ashdon church's open day I was asked if I'd like to volunteer a harp performance. I've not done a huge amount recently so it was a great chance to get back into some practise. I did two 30-minute sets and had a small and appreciative audience for both. I did all of the old favourites and feel I really ought to add a few new numbers to the repertoire.

In between sets I received my payment of tea 'n' cake and we had a tour of the bell tower which included seeing and hearing the bells being rung and then climbing the 97 steps to see the bells in place. All Saints is a Grade I listed building with an impressive history going back centuries.

The oldest bell is from the 1500's

All Saints, Ashdon

Fete de la Musique 2018, Saffron Walden

June 2018
Just going through some emails and realised I never got round to writing up the blog for Saffron Walden's Fete de la Musique. Another amazing day in the town with music absolutely everywhere. the day officially started at midday but I arrived at my first venue a little earlier, Hart's Books.

Waiting to set up at my second venue, the Courtyard Cafe

Harmonia Singers led by Kirsty Body

Walden Winds in the Market Square

Thursday 12 July 2018


Opera House


Ondes Martenot

Valentin Bender's clarinet

Park near the Music Conseratory


Grand Place

Grand Place

Stairway to Toone

Waiting for Faust to begin

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Ostend: last day

The best event at the whole conference: Les Bon Becs!!
Twinned with Godmanchester Grand Piano Cafe?

Bridge opening...

...so that the yatch could get through.

Black headed gull

Spot the Arctic tern

Yatchs coming through the lock
Ostend station in miniature

Full size Ostend station

Ostend day 3 of ClarinetFest

Sculpture on the sea front

Long walk to the Thermae Palace where some of the events took place
A tram

One of the parks

View from my hotel
One of the highlights: Anthony McGill playing Copland

Monday 9 July 2018


Quick photo diary from ClarinetFest in Ostend.
Spotted on the sea front



St Peter and St Paul

Inside the Kursaal




Music Conservatory

On the Shuttle Bus

Israel Clarinet Choir